Put Your Foot in the Jordan Already: Take a Risk!

“Tell the priests who carry the ark of the covenant: ‘When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s waters, go and stand in the river.‘” (Joshua 3:8)

Elderly, bedridden, living in a nursing home, cheated out of his money by a landlord and more, so went the phone call that came into the DBM office. Intense prayer went up for this man of God who was so grossly taken advantage of while he was most vulnerable. Three weeks later, to our surprise, in the mail came a gift of $10.00 from this very person. He wrote, “I am bedridden, and I cannot give much, but I can give something. God uses your radio program Pursuing God to encourage me in the midst of my illness and discouragement.”  Amazingly enough, God used this man who was encouraged by our Radio Program to in turn encourage us. His simple gift pushed us to keep on taking faith-filled risks by taking the Gospel to the world through the word through our radio program.


The Jordan at flood


The Jordan at rest








Just at that moment, our Lord reminded me of Joshua 3: 15-17. These verses speak of priests who walked into the raging Jordan in full obedience to God’s command, and to fulfill Israel’s destiny to enter the Promised Land. These spiritual leaders knew that either God would have had to make a way for them to cross the raging Jordan or, they would die. The priests trusted God; took a faith-filled-risk; stepped into the water; then God parted the Jordan. Our Lord then said to me “Child you are at your raging Jordan decide what will you do?

DBM Stepped Into Our Jordan

With the ten-dollar-encouragement in hand, we stepped into the Jordan deter-mined to take “the Gospel to the World through the Word” via radio. Our funds,


We decided to keep the radio program!

our financial challenges did not improve, until months later. Eyebrow Burners, our God was testing us to discern if we would remain faithful to our commitment to the ministry via radio. We did not turn back; we kept our eyes on the Lord; we kept our feet in the Jordan, and we forged ahead. Come hell or high water, we resolved we would not turn back. Months passed nothing changed. Then one day a sister in Christ sent a gift of $1,000 ear-marked specifically for the radio program; after that other gifts to the ministry started arriving in the mail and via PayPal. Look at God!

Follower of Jesus Christ, every penny given or sent to do the work of the Lord is like mint-gold in the ministry of proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. Mark 6:41 says that one day over 5,000 persons were hungry and without food, but there was a boy with 5 loaves and two fish. Our Lord and Christ took that crumb of a meal blessed it and, then fed a hungry multitude of over 5,000 men, women, and children.


One Small Meal Blessed Thousand

That lunch the boy gave became much in the master’s hand. In 1 Chronicles 29, we read that the people of Israel gave thousands of pounds of gold and silver for the building of God’s Temple. When it was all over scripture said that King David and the people rejoiced greatly! Your giving small or great advances the work of our Lord and at the same time destroys the work of Satan. Into whatever ministry our Lord has led you to give; keep on giving. Every penny helps!

Eyebrow Burners, and Investors in the ministry of DBM,
Please allow me to share with you what your giving has done. Because you give so faithfully, the work of the Lord continues to advance His Word through the Radio ministry of Donna Baptiste Ministries, Inc. Read on to learn what your giving as accomplished world-wide.

With much appreciation for all you do to advance the Kingdom of God
With a grateful and humbled heart

Pastor Donna Baptiste

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  1. Marina says:

    Oh you two .I know just exactly how you feel. I have been there and thugoht the very same things. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how GOD knows best for us .way better then we could ever imagine! I am in tears reliving our experience through yours! It is an amazing journey .enjoy every minute of it. I can’t wait to meet Cora Jane. She is beautiful just like her Momma! You are so blessed! Love you both!

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