Weak Yet Powerful In Christ

But you O Lord are a Shield around me, my Glory, 
and the One who lifts my head (Psalm 3:3)

Crushed but not destroyed;the flower and plant lay trampled in the dirt. Someone had broken a portion of the stem, but the main stalk was intact. A large footprint, deeply imprinted in the dirt and around the crushed Bush, gave evidence that this was the work of an angry person. The person responsible had to intentionally leave the walkway, to forcefully stomp on the shrub to destroy the flowering plant.


In Anger He Crushed The Plant

Though the plant usually grew low to the ground, it blossomed, bloomed and had a height beyond expectation. But there was a person, for reasons unknown, he resented the care the gardener and others had been giving in tending to the garden. The resulting success and beauty of the flowering path were added points of contention. In the dead of night, that one lifted his foot and stomped down on one of the flowering plants. He crushed the shrub but had it just enough life in it to keep going.

Jesus The Hope Of The Broken
Eyebrow Burners, this scenario illustrates what our Lord Christ has done for us and the jealousy and resentment towards us from the enemy of our souls. Our Lord paid a high price for us; when he shed his blood; came to suffer and die for us. He gave his life so that we would have forgiveness of sin, cancel the guilt and condemnation of sin; change our destination from hell to heaven, bring about reconciliation with God, and bless us with the gift of eternal life. All that Adam and Eve had lost in the Garden of Eden, at the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension; Christ gave it all back unto us. Revelation 22: 3,4 says, “no longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him. They will see his face”.

Jesus Cares For The Broken

Jesus said he came that we might have life and have it more abundantly; come unto to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden; he is our comforter; he is close to the broken-hearted. Saints of God, do you realize that it is the loving care of our Lord’s presence which fortifies us when the enemy of our souls tries to attack us. That power of his presence and the care our Lord gives is the very thing Satan hates.While God’s aim is to love us, to give himself for us, to care for us in the good times and in the bad times, to love us when we please him or fail him, or fail him, Satan’s aim is to steal, kill and destroy us (John 10:10).


Jesus Is Our Comforter.

The main reason is that we are the love of God’s heart, the crown of his creation and the one for whom he died. While Satan, by his choice, is destined for hell. His resentment is blatant, tangible and destructive. He wants to stomp, crush, trample and squash us. At times it may feel as if we are knocked down from the latest battle, then it may seem as if wickedness has succeeded. Listen to me Eyebrow Burner; you be encouraged for though you are crushed or knocked out you are still alive. You are not destroyed. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the master gardener, is still in charge.

Crushed But Not Destroyed

Remember our crushed plant? When the gardener awoke the next day and saw the damage done the shrub, she did not hesitate but tended immediately to the shrub. She pruned away the ruined parts which succumbed to the attack of the enemy. She tied the damaged stem to sticks to hold them upright; watered and fertilized the plant with a unique growth concoction; and fenced in that damage plant to keep people away. Because that shrub was “wounded,” the gardener ignored all others in the garden, to give extra care and attention to that crushed plant.


Within Three Weeks the Crushed Plant Blossomed and Bloomed

Within three weeks the stem stood upright without needing support, new leaves appeared and soon after flowers bloomed. Under the care of the master, the plant regained much of what was lost.In the midst of your distress, the Bible reminds us-the Lord is close to the brokenhearted (Ps. 34:18).

My dear friends, do you feel trampled upon, beaten down or crushed by the vicissitude of life. Is there a situation in which you feel you cannot even lift your head? Eyebrow Burners then remember our the key verse for this devotional- Psalm 3:3, But you O Lord are a Shield around me, my Glory and the One who lifts my head

  • Psalm 145:18: “God is near to all who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth.
  • Psalm 34:15: “the eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.”

Eyebrow Burners, presently, you may feel overcome by trouble. My friend turn to the Lord, who is our master gardener; call out to Him for care and for restoration. Eyebrow Burner call upon Him; He will prop you up and, will care for you in an intimate way. Our part is to stay close to him through prayer and the study of the Word. In due time you, like that flowering plant, will blossom and bloom again. You may feel crushed but know this you are not destroyed!


Our Lord Promises To Be Close To The Brokenhearted

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