DBM Ministry Report April – May 2014

What God has done through you because you gave and you prayed!

You had prayed for Christ Community Church Women’s Retreat. Our prayer points were:

  • Pray for a no nonsense powerful moving of the Spirit of God
  • Pray for souls to be saved & for Christians to be set on fire anew for Jesus Christ
  • Pray that all would leave more in love with their Lord than before

God answered your prayer.  Read on to see all that our Lord had done through this ministry outreach and others.

March 23- New life Redemption Church (Brooklyn, NY):

As a new church plant I was about to preach a sermon the premise of which was to encourage the saints of NLRC.  However I am sure you are familiar with the scripture verse which says that Man may make his plans but God orders his steps (Prov. 16:9). The Lord ordered my steps when he, our Lord, led me to put aside the sermon I had had in mind to preach. he instead lead me  to preach another I had preached several weeks prior to March 23, 2014. He directed me to the message on The Power of God’s Presence taken from 1 Samuel 4:5:1-12. The basic theme of this message was a reminder to all that, no one can manipulate, control or defeat the power of God. There is not a man, spirit or beast that can best God in a battle. But what we do know is that even when we are disobedient to God that he will be gracious enough to fight for us. As we live this Christian life we may lose a battle but God will win the war for us.

On the left Rev. Justin Emineke Pastor of New Life Redemption Church

The church was greatly encouraged.  Those present said that the message as challenging as it was, was truly what they needed to hear.  Had I not obeyed God, I would have preached what I would have wanted to preach but God’s people would not have been blessed.

March 30: 8.30 Service–Clarendon Road Church (Brooklyn, NY):

In Celebrating Women’s Month, I preached on Women of Substance: Hannah (1 Samuel 1:21- 28)- A woman who did the impossible. The Widow of Zerapath (1 Kings 17:7-16)- A woman who gave it all. Deborah (Judges 4:1-9)- A woman who led in humility.  The message began by showing that a woman of substance is an exceptional woman. One within whom God saw a heart that he could use to bring about his work here in earth.

Christ Community Church Women’s Retreat (Quarryville, PA):

Theme was the Bride of Christ: A Love that Costs taken from Hosea 2.

  • Highlight of the weekend a woman accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior

Hosea 2. April 11 Session 1:- The Rehearsal- Message:  Our Lord How Jesus Loves (Hosea 2:14; John 3:16) We began by saying there cannot be a rehearsal without a courtship and an agreement to marry usually. From Hosea we saw that God used the marriage of his prophet Hosea to Gomer, a prostitute, as a visual lesson of Israel’s rebellion and disobedience in their relation with Him, their God. Hosea 2:14 says “I am now going to allure her”. The message here showed that despite Israel’s rejection and rebellion God still pursued his beloved Israel. We saw that he would do his best to woo Israel back to him. He does the same for us. God runs after us to call us back unto Him even though we are the guilty party. Did he not chase after Adam and Eve when they sinned in the Garden? John 3:16 shows his love for us that he gave his son to die for us all so that we would not perish but would have eternal life. God showed his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). That is the depth of his love for us. Your response is to say yes to all that he has done and take him as your Savior.

Even to a Rebellious People God Would Vow His Best
Even to a Rebellious People God Would Vow His Best

April 12 Session 2:- The Ceremony- Message:  Our Lord Vows His Best (Hosea 2:19-22)

At the ceremony both parties would vow their respective commitment to each other. In this case, God took it upon himself to vow his best to Israel. In Hosea 19,20a he presents to Israel all items of his dowry. Here again God takes the initiative, Israel did nothing God alone pleads the vow.  As a group we then looked at Genesis 15: 17 where God took the full responsibility of the covenant between himself and Abram.  Saints even when we forsake God he not only pursues us, he vows his best to us. He does it to woo us away from evil and back unto the side of blessing.

April 12 Session 3:- The Reception- Message:  Our Lord Vows Yearns For Our Best (Hosea 2: 23b)

At the wedding reception one of the main events is the first dance of bride and the groom. It is where one truly sees the depth of  love or the lack of love the couple has for each other.  The kind of dance the Lord wants with us is one wherein no one else matters but him, the person with whom one is dancing. After the Lord had laid his heart bare before Israel it was now Israel’s turn to reciprocate to make a vow back unto the Lord. All God asked is that Israel would say “You are my God”. All God wants from any of us is that we would chose him as our God. Saints, we need to get  out of the mess in which we are living, get way from destructive lifestyles, turn away from things that are destroying us and declare I leave it all behind and choose God and boldly say You are my God. Burner your life is wonderful! Do not allow that lying wretch Satan to blind your eyes to the right-now-blessing of God in your life.

 At the reception one shows to the world our love for the one chosen
At the reception one shows to the world our love for the one chosen

Session 3:- The Honeymoon or The Day After- Message:  Our Lord Offers Endless Hope (Hosea 2:15)

Despite all Israel had done, God graciously gives Israel an idea of what life would be should they choose him as their God. He said that He would make the valley of Achor a door of Hope. The valley of Achor (Joshua 7:1-26) was the place where Achan came to judgment because of the sin which brought defeat to Israel. Now in Hosea, God said to Israel that he will take their trouble and turned to a thing of hope.  Whatever troubles which may be in our lives, or may come to us, should we turn to God or come back to him he can in some way graciously turn that trouble into a thing of hope. The greatest hope God offers is that this world is not our home. There is coming a day when we will stand at this feet and will see him in all of his glory. That is our hope! Revelation 21:3b, 4 says “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” That is our Hope!

April 18: Clarendon Road Church (Brooklyn, NY)

Seventh Last Word… Father into Your hands I commit My Spirit (Luke 23:46).

Christ used his last dying breath to call out to the Father in a closing monument of intimacy.  Previously, as he was taking upon himself the sins of the world, He cried out “My God, My God why have you forsaken me:” In this section he used a form of address that showed God as distant, the one who is the creator and judge of the universe. But with his last breath Christ called out to the Father using a word which shows intimacy. The time of judgment had passed now the one once forsaken for your sin and mine was about to be reunited with the Father. The word Father which in the Greek is translated “pater” in the Hebrew “abba”.  The one who never sinned yet he suffered horribly for us, he has now made a way for all to be reconciled to God. Because of what he has done, we too can call the creator, the most holy God; we can call him Father, Pater, Abba, Papa.

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4.7.2014: Wanda (Dallas, Texas): my friend Dave is having a bad time with his diabetes. He needs prayer and the help of the Lord who can do all things.

3.31.2014: From Norris (Jackson, Mississippi): I wish I had a voice for teaching and preaching, but that was not my gift. I have come to grips for that but have decided that my ministry is a one on one work to testify to my friends and others where I work and that I see every day. I think I can do some good for the Lord. You inspire me.

3.24.2014: Borges (Bogotá, Colombia): Dear Minister Baptiste, I am rejoicing in the Lord of Jesus on these days. My son is well from a long battle with hepatitis. He is feeling good and we are both thanking the Lord for bringing him through this.

3.10.2014: From Yolanda (location not given): We listen to you on it and we share with our neighbors. The gift of the WORD from God is a joy. Blessings in this work.

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