Defeat Is Not An Option

Dear Eyebrow Burners, 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

(Philippians 4:13)

Defeat was not an option. Pastor A. R. Bernard shared an illustration that caught my attention. It was about an ant that refused to give up. Each time the ant tried to advance Pastor Bernard would put his foot in his path. The ant would stop, wait and, try to move on again. The pastor would put his feet in its way; time and time again the ant would repeat the same behavior. After a while, the ant stopped, fully changed course, and scurried around his foot. Pastor placed his foot in its path again, and again it went around his foot. This imagery reminded followers of Jesus Christ that we ought not to give up when faced with obstacles. The ant did not give up and neither should we!


The Ant Can Carry Items as Much As 100 Times its Own Weight

The Ant Encourages Us to Press Pass Limitations: Defeat is Not an Option

What some may not know is that an ant, no smaller that point of a pen, can raise a load as much 50 times its weight. In some cases, the tiny power house can lift as much as 100 times his body mass in pounds. ( For instance, if a person who weighs 150lbs and were to carry 100 times his body weight, then he would have to be able to carry up to 15,000lbs! Should the ant come upon a tiny or not so tiny morsel; he will do anything and everything to carry that item back to the nest. You see Saints of God; there is a drive within the ant which pushes him to non-stop action to forage. Whatever the size of the scrap, that insect will carry it. The ant will not give up!

The Ant’s Example Teaches Us about Persistence: Defeat Is Not An Option

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Believers in Jesus Christ all of us at one time or another will face situations in our lives when others, for one reason or another, may intentionally or unintentionally place hindrances and obstacles in our path. In the end, the aim is to distract, to wear down, and ultimately defeat hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. More often than not, the attack affects all, even the seasoned believer, and may eventually discourage to the point of not having the strength to move forward. Eyebrow Burner do you feel overwhelmed to the point of throwing in the towel? Do not do it; take the example from the ant. Saints of God, it matters not the obstacles which may pop into your path, whether large or small, whether they may seem manageable or menacing, keep going forward. Even if you have to rest a while; then do so and, go at it again. Cry out to God, and keep pressing forward! If the obstacle refuses to move, then you go around it, climb over it, or tunnel under it. Despite the situation, resolve within yourself that giving up is not an option! Mind you, I am speaking of things which are in line with scripture and which the Lord has called you to do. Just like the ant you keep pressing on; don’t give up, not now not ever! 


After Forty years of judgment, the people of Israel were about to fulfill, again, the divine promise to enter into the land of milk and honey. The raging Jordan and the impenetrable wall of Jericho were new blockages to the entrance and then possession of the Promised Land. Instead of focusing upon the obstacles the people looked to the Lord and, He led them past each hindrance. The Jordan split in half, and the gigantic impenetrable Jericho wall fell to the ground. Israel walked past each obstacle and entered the Promised Land.



Eyebrow Burner, we have to remain persistently determined to stay on course, to hold fast to what the Lord has called us to, whether it affects you, possessions or property. Like the ant, the burden you may have to carry may seem more than you can bear, but we can carry it! The ant is built to carry heavy loads, but Christ who is our burden bearer, he fills the believer. An inner drive pushes the ant to the forage for provisions, but the believer can call out to Jehovah-Jireh our provider. In other words, although we can take the example from the ant to stay persistent and press on in matters of the faith and life; unlike the ant, we do not have to do it in our strength. Philippians 3:13 reminds us “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” With all the power the ant may have there, eventually, will be a burden too heavy for him to carry. As for the believer, no burden is too much, no trial is too tough, and no testing is too rough, because our Lord is our burden bearer. That ant may have power but our God is eternally powerful, that ant may have power but our God isAlmighty, ever present, and above it all our He never fails! Eyebrow Burner keep pressing on, for those who are in Christ, defeat isn’t an option!


The Ant Maybe Powerful But Our God is Almighty

Eyebrow Burners, and Investors in the ministry of DBM,

Thank you for your prayer, cards, letters and donations to the ministry of DBM. You are the hands God uses through whom He blesses and encourages the work of Donna Baptiste Ministries, Inc.

With much appreciation for all you do to advance the Kingdom of God

With a grateful and humbled heart

Pastor Donna Baptiste

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