We are committed to restoring the spiritually
lost to God through Jesus Christ, and calling
the Church to holy and righteous living.


I have served with Minister Baptiste in higher education and ministry contexts for over six years. Minister Baptiste is a gift to the Kingdom of God. While I serve as her pastor, she has served as a mentor in my life. Minister Baptiste has always been faithful the Word of God and the call on her life.

It has been truly a blessing to have Minister Baptiste serve on the pastoral staff of Clarendon Road Church. There are not words to express how Clarendon Road Church and my family have been empowered and revived by Minister Baptiste’s ministry.

If I had one phrase to describe Minister Baptiste it would be that her ministry is powerful, her voice is prophetic, and her life is anointed. "

Rev. Charles O. Galbreath, Senior Pastor
Clarendon Road Church of the C&MA

For many years now, Donna Baptiste has played a significant role in advancing the kingdom of Christ in churches both inside and outside the Christian and Missionary Alliance. It was my privilege to license her as an Evangelist in the Metropolitan District of the C&MA and it continues to be my greater privilege to pray for her ministry to men and women of faith in the churches that she visits."

Rev. John Soper, Senior Pastor
Ridgeway Alliance Church (White Plains NY)

The African American community has always had its share of powerful female leaders who have helped to pave the way to brighter days of hope! Donna Baptiste stands shoulder to shoulder with our legends of the past. She is as powerful a leader as Harriet Tubman. She is as powerful a teacher as Mary McCleoud Bethune. She is as powerful a conscious as Rosa Parks. Hers is a holy mission to serve Jesus alone. Her mission has called her to all generations, all ethnicities and all people groups. God has truly prepared her for such a time as this. I know that God is going to bless this ministry. Hudson Taylor, one of our finest missionaries said it best, 'God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supplies.'"

Rev. Terrence Nichols, President Association of African American Churches
Christian and Missionary Alliance, Pastor New Hope Church Community, Vallejo, CA

I have known Minister Baptiste for nearly ten years as she has served on the Board of Trustees of Nyack College. Donna has been faithful and is one of our hardest working trustees. She brings a prayerful spirit to all that she does. I have been impressed with her commitment to excellence and raising the bar on the quality and effort that she gives to everything to which she commits. Her work is always seen as God's work and she requires that He is given the very best. Along with her prayerful spirit and commitment to excellence, Donna is above all else committed to a strong biblical foundation to her ministry. She is not caught up in the latest ministry strategies but relies heavily on scripture to shape the messages that God places on her heart.God has given Minister Baptiste a prophetic voice for the Church. Like the prophets of the Old Testament she has suffered through the side effects that, at times, come from having been given this gift. She is a woman minister who has chosen not to dwell on the debates of 'What can’t I do as a woman minister,' but to continually ask of the Lord, 'Where would you have me serve.' Donna has become a role model for many women who seek to use their gifts for the Kingdom. She has God’s heart for both the lost and His Church. Her ministry is always passionate, prayerful, and prophetic."

David C. Jennings, Executive Vice President and Treasurer
Nyack College, Nyack NY

Minister Donna Baptiste has been a tremendous blessing and asset to our ministry. I praise the Lord that her ministry gifts are unique and varied. We have utilized her to challenge our women in our Encounter with God Weekend Retreats and one day growth seminars. We have used her to challenge our men on Father's Day from a godly women's perspective. We have also utilized her personal experience as a missionary to Mali, West Africa to jump start our missionary heartbeat. In each instance, my church has been edified and motivated to move closer to where the Lord wants us to be. She is a kingdom believer and completely sold-out for Jesus Christ. I had the wonderful privilege of ministering arm and arm with Donna for two weeks in Senegal, Africa. The Lord blessed the ground that we walked upon, and I was energized concerning the bigness of our God. I count Donna a personal friend in Christ. She will be at my church again for our September 2007 Women's Day. Men, women, boys and girls can't wait for the Word of the Lord through Minister Baptiste. I know that I will continue to call upon her vast ministry talents as long as she is available. She holds a special place in St. John's heart and I would encourage you to actively pursue the ministry gifts and anointing the Lord has bestowed upon her life. You and your ministry will be encouraged and edified, and the kingdom will be advanced."

Rev Phil Gilmore, Senior Pastor
St. John's Community Church, Christian and Missionary Alliance

It has been our privilege to know Donna Baptiste in many different roles over the years: Donna has been the President of the Alumni Association of Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) for many years, and has had an anointed ministry in that role, rallying alumni in loving support for our alma mater, and encouraging professors and students that they do not stand alone. Donna came and spoke to us on numerous occasions at the Seminary. She has had a prophetic ministry among us. Always Donna Baptiste points us onward and upward."

Rev. John Ellenberger, Professor Emeritus Alliance Theological Seminary
Missionary Professor Simpson Theological College of the C&MA in Central Java

At the same time, Donna had been the President of Alliance Women for the Metro District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Blessed! Blessed! I was blessed as Donna spoke and I was ministered to at the last Alliance Women's rally I attended and was commissioned by prayer to return to our field of ministry in Indonesia. Thank you, Donna, as you always lift up Jesus, giving praise to him alone."

Helen Ellenberger, Missionary at Simpson Theological College in Central Java

Donna Baptiste has a vital ministry, having been called by God to preach His Word, to promote missions and evangelism. She is gifted speaker, and one who challenges all who hear her to take seriously the tasks and, life to which, God himself has called all believers in Jesus Christ. Partnering with this ministry will be an investment in Kingdom work and, lives will be changed. Her impact upon me personally has been profound, often causing me to reevaluate my priorities and become more 'conformed to the image of His Son.'"

Mimi Soper, Christian and Missionary Alliance

I met Donna in the summer of 1980, over 27 years ago and, from that time until today, I have watched with interest and joy to see how God has used her in ever widening circles. She has been a blessing to me personally over the years and I always come away from our conversations challenged to go deeper in my own relationship with the Lord. I believe that God has called Donna to a ministry of preaching the Word of God without compromise and is using her to speak clearly to the body of Christ about issues that are on God's heart. It's been a privilege to know Donna and be among those who support the ministry that God has called her to. I commend His servant to you."

Rev. Richard Herring, Regional Director Asia Pacific Region
The Christian and Missionary Alliance

I have known Donna Baptiste for a number of years. In 2000 she visited the Elizabeth Alliance church and shared a word with us that has remained with me until the present time. She spoke about Naman the prideful and Naman the humble. Her message from God to us was that when God breaks pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness he restores us to the best. When human pride is broken wisdom comes. God’s admonition to our church was that we needed to rid ourselves of the spirit of pride and the spirit of self-righteousness.

Donna Baptiste also took time out of her busy schedule to meet with me in my office in New York City at a very crucial time in my career. After working for the Federal Government for 44 years, our office in NY was being consolidated with another one in Boston and my staff and I were given the option of relocating to other states or retiring. Donna came and prayed with me and God gave me the ability to manage the closing of the office, to assist my staff of 12 in relocating to other states and in transitioning from work to unplanned forced retirements.

I believe, as Donna stated in her initial announcement regarding this new ministry, that the main focus will be revival of the church and a commitment to present the gospel of salvation to an increasingly resistant world. I also believe that by partnering with this ministry, we can help Donna Baptiste Ministries establish a strong foundation upon which to build and grow by serving as the "support system" and as intercessors. Without a solid foundation, a house cannot stand firm when the raging storms of life assail.

In reviewing, Donna’s prayer requests there are two that stand out, to me, above all others. I quote 'Pray that I will be able to minister to the outcast, the oppressed and the unlovely even if vilified in the process' and 'Pray that this ministry would be so well established and funded that it can be a blessing to other ministries, churches and would be able to give to the work of the Lord world wide.'"

Delores DeHaan, Certifying Officer, U.S. Department Of Labor (Retired 1/2006)
Alliance Church, Elizabeth, N.J.

It is out of reverence and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ that I've accepted this invitation to become involved with him in Donna Baptiste Ministries.

In advancing the kingdom of God through this ministry I will not cease to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. I will continue to support Donna Baptiste Ministries and the ministry team with prayer, finances and "hands-on" assistance as unto the Lord.

I encourage others to partner with us because it is an opportunity for them to join us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ globally. As Donna Baptiste Ministries answers the call of Jesus Christ to 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation' (Mark 16:15) they too will be obeying the command to all believers and rejoice in the harvest of the Lord.

Minister Baptiste have impacted me through living a life of faith and obedience to the Lord. Her service to the Lord and the people she ministers to is effective and productive (2 Peter 1:5-8). I have observe her as she mentored a group of young women and was impacted by her care and concern that they become women of godly character and that they serve the Lord. I've also been personally impacted by her teaching and preaching the Word of God and have grown in the Lord."

Thelma Simmons, Board of Trustees Member
Executive Ministry Assistant, Donna Baptiste Ministries

I had the occasion to hear Minister Baptiste deliver a chapel sermon to our students. It was probably the first time I left one of those gatherings with a tear-stained face. Truly I received a word that pierced my heart.

In the midst of my striving and stressing over doing the very best at my job, I had totally missed God. I was not an employee of the college because of my job title and all the position entailed—there was something much more that God wanted me to learn about the Body of Christ that would deepen my walk with Him. I was in a place where I would learn some things He could best show me in that environment.

It is that kind of teaching that audiences can count on from Min. Donna Baptiste—riveting, scripturally-based and exhortative. She empties all of herself into any task—and nowhere more than in her firm-footed stance in a pulpit. As a teacher and a student of the word or as leader in other professional endeavors, Min. Baptiste is no-nonsense when her vision and goals are in place.

Donna A Baptiste Ministries has been raised up for this season to be a balm for the hurting and the hungry for spiritual empowerment."

Deborah Walker, Director of Publications & Media Relations
Nyack College, Nyack NY

My name is Lisa Brennan. For me being a part of Donna Baptiste Ministries is saying yes to Christ and his call and purpose in my life. Over 20 years ago I asked the Lord Jesus to live in me and through me. As my relationship with Him has deepened my prayer to Him has been to live BIG in me and live out his life through me. I’ve known Donna for several years and it has always been extremely evident that the Lord has a special call and anointing on her life. He has gifted her with many abilities, one of which is the giftedness to bring the Word of God to his people with His power, His conviction, and His tender and unfailing love. He has chosen her as one of his precious instruments to call all people to Him and call his people to return to their first love.

It is by faith that I join this ministry to advance the Kingdom of God. Being a woman of faith I know the power of prayer and understand that God responds to his people when they call on his name. Part of my role on the board of directors in this ministry is to hold the ministry up in prayer. It is also a privilege to serve together with the other board members to help guide the direction in which this ministry goes. Also, by faith, I am committed to do my part to help support financially the mission of the ministry.

I encourage you to pray and consider partnering with me in the ministry for one very good reason. GOD IS WORKING AND MOVING THROUGH DONNA BAPTISTE MINISTRIES and partnering with this ministry is truly partnering with Him.

Through the years Donna has impacted my life greatly through her teaching me the truth of God’s word, inspiring me to persevere in pursuing God’s holiness and encouraging me through her example to continue to move forward in ministry trusting Jesus Christ to do more in me and through me than I can ever imagine."

Lisa Brennan, Board of Trustees Member & Assistant Board Secretary
Donna Baptiste Ministries

DBM has impacted my life, as I have watched Donna's faithfulness to God when she had been in the valleys of life. Donna preaches the Word with a delicate touch while cutting deep to your inner being. After Donna had prayed or had given an altar call, I have seen how lives have changed. Oftentimes she gives praise report about a need God has met for her or someone else. Minister Donna Baptiste is an inspiration plus motivation for me to go deeper in my personal walk with the Lord!

People should partner with Donna Baptiste Ministries if they are serious about seeing what God can and will do in the world through ordinary people. Individuals, who surrender to Him and, are not afraid of obeying God do so at the expense of being famous, popular or misunderstood.

"I am a part of Donna Baptiste Ministries because I believe in the work God is doing through Donna. This ministry is not about playing church nor filling up the pews every Sunday nor seeing who has the best choir or the biggest church facility. DBM is about challenging the people of God to live holy and obedient to the Word of God. Donna is indeed a servant lamb, directed by the precepts and statutes in Scripture to deliver a word in season to whoever has an ear to hear what the Lord says. Not only can Donna breakdown the theology of the Word, she can also speak to the average person on their level about who God is, what He has done for them and what He plans to do.

I hope to advance the Kingdom of God through this ministry by helping people to be more aware of God in their daily lives. My focus areas are finance, small business, home ownership, marriage/couple & family counseling, media relations and sports."

Trevor Finn, Board of Trustees, Director of Marketing,
Donna Baptiste Ministries

Revival ministries, recovery ministries and social upliftment/empowerment are important to me. Others should partner with Donna Baptiste Ministries if they believe in revival and righteous living, recovery of hurting ministers, and social upliftment. The goal of this ministry is both to support the church and to minister in areas where the church is not able to reach. I have known Donna for 30 years-friendship and do not think that you need to benefit from something to support it."

Bonnie VanOrnum, Administrative Assistant
(Finances & Payroll, Legal, Insurance)
Christian and Missionary Alliance-Metro District

My name is Lisa Newman and I am currently a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Donna Baptiste has been my mentor, sister and friend for the past ten years. During that time she has been used by God as the single most powerful influence for Christ in my life. I would describe her ministry as radical, revolutionary, patient, life-altering and powerful. She has made me see my walk with God in a vibrant and personal way and she has done this with her anointed teaching, dynamic preaching and also by being transparent with her intimate and genuine relationship with the Lord. I have never encountered another believer like Donna Baptiste. She is fully the Lord’s servant with one mission and one standard: To advance the Lord’s Kingdom by seeing believers stirred up, in love and obedient to the Lord and serving Him with excellence. Partnering with this ministry is partnering in the Lord’s work to redeem a lost world back to God."

Lisa Newman, Legal Secretary,
Arnold & Porter LLP, New York, NY

I met Minister Donna Baptiste in 1989 at the Chapel on the Hill located in Nassau, Bahamas. At that time, she was involved in Pulpit ministry, Young Women Bible study and individual Bible study during the day at private homes. Prior to departing for the mission field of Mali, West Africa, Donna was given the opportunities to preach, I believe, as the first female preacher at Chapel on the Hill. I have been worshipping at the Chapel on the Hill, a Christian and Missionary Alliance for the past 28 years. Presently, I am worshiping at Christ Community Church, an Independent denomination.

The first quality that I noticed about Donna was her passion for the Lord. Then, I noticed her moral and ethical values lived out and in her counsel to me as well as to others. Donna also, has a great sense of humor and is an active listener whenever I or anyone else came to visit with her. Over the years, these qualities have not diminished, in fact, they have grown as she continues to grow spiritually, develop personally and expand ministerially.

Minister Baptiste has proven over the years to be a woman of character and integrity. She guards her time with God and His reputation as her Father diligently. She is honest and can be trusted not only by her people, but also by people of other lands. Donna has used her God-given talents, abilities and gifts for the universal body of Christ and have done while displaying agape to all whom she encounters.

Minister Donna Baptiste is tenacious, but gentle. She knows when a sister or brother needs a hug as well as when they might need to be rebuked. She is never content to see anyone, especially believers live outside of the will of God or walk as lukewarm believers without influence. The body of Christ needs this 'servant lamb' and the Donna Baptiste Ministries to fulfill the role that God has called them to as 'spiritual watchpersons" sounding the alarm and calling the bride of Christ to be blameless and revolutionary in their sphere of influence and indeed the world. I would strongly and, emphatically affirm the prayer and financial support of this ministry."

Yreille Belizaire, Street Evangelist & Itinerant Preacher
Nassau Bahamas

I believe I have a God given call to support Minister Donna Baptiste in her call to advance the Kingdom of God through preaching and teaching the Word of God. Presently I serve in the areas of Ministry and Administrative Assistant, as well as Board Secretary. I am committed to function not only as a Trustee member but also to offer financial support where possible. People should partner with DBM because they are partnering with God. It is God who has called this ministry into being and it is God who will see it through. A partner is not partnering with man and, should not get caught up with the people called by God to carry out the earthly role of this ministry. Being involved in this ministry has caused me to go beyond what I consider my 'limits'. Being able to serve in DBM and serve at my Church while carrying out other responsibilities does show that those whom God calls He indeed equips."

Carole Wright, Board of Trustees Member, Board Secretary & Ministry Assistant
Donna Baptiste Ministries

My wife, Leila and I have known Minister Donna Baptiste in excess of twenty-three years (23). During that time this beloved servant of God has demonstrated a passion and a zeal for serving God that eventually led her to the African mission field. That 'fire' is still there, and it is even more vivid with the launching of the Donna Baptiste Ministries. With her skills, abilities and knowledge of the Word of God, this servant always leave a profound impact upon her audience. Her honest down-to -earth presentation of the Word of God captivates her listeners and this Ministry is an asset in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

I have seen believers as well as non-believers who sat under this servant's ministry, become motivated not just to be hearers but have become actively involve in the things of the Lord. In times like these, as believers we need to support and partner with this ministry, so that -'the body may work together smoothly...' 1Cor.12. 12-31."

Marcus "Titch" Murray, Elder Clarendon Road Church
Christian & Missionary Alliance